Painting music


Nazret Degaulle

“I think the piece is really fun to hear. It’s less fun to play because it’s mostly 16 notes but I think it’s a very interesting piece to hear,” SENIOR Katherine Swift said.

Marwa Khzir, Managing Editor of Online Content

The Chamber Orchestra has commissioned abstract painter Cedric Michael Cox to paint them while they perform at their upcoming concert on March 14. The core of the painting will be constructed during the concert and will later be raffled off. 

Cox will be listening and painting to the modern piece, “Secret History.” Cox’s works merge surrealism and representational abstraction,’ connecting with the music piece’s contemporary theme. 

“He’s listened to it, [the music piece], so he obviously has an idea of what he’s going to paint. He’s going to pre-set the background…to not bore the audience,” orchestra teacher, John Caliguri, said. 

When Caliguri first listened to “Secret History,” he envisioned movie music that someone could paint. Later, when Cox and Caliguri met at a children’s event, Caliguri introduced him to his concept of mental pictures of music.

“For this painting, raffle tickets are $10. We will pull a name out of a hat at the concert,” Caliguri said. 

The raffle is up live on the alumni website, and all proceeds will be used to compensate the artist. Any money raised after the $1,500 commission fee will go towards the music department.

“In future years, we thought that we would involve the students in the project. Next year, we might have two artists, students, on different sides of the stage [and] they would have totally two different ideas of what they hear,” Caliguri said.