New newstands


Jonas Warner

The new line-up of newsstands awaiting their painting and placement around the school. The art club will paint them and put them around the school similar to the benches.

Jonas Warner

Handmade newsstands built by an alumni and current student are coming to the WHHS building. Up to 16 newsstands are to be finalized in design and painting by the end of February. 

The creators of the newsstands, Harold Bernstein, ‘61, and SENIOR Ryan Helton, began their production in late November. Their original idea was to use Medium Density Fiber, MDF, for the stands, a material made of essentially sawdust and glue.

“We took our original design, and made it a bit smaller for ease of production. [The original design] had a cabinet, but we decided not to do that,” Helton said.

The initial design was a simple newsstand, the next draft was larger with different sides, the third with a cabinet until it was decided to have smooth edges with two shelves.

“It was a matter of first deciding the dimensions of the stands. Then, we bought pre-cut [planks] by Home Depot, the material [MDF] needed to be trimmed and sized and once that was all done it was simply a matter of assembly,” Bernstein said.

The newsstands will be placed around the WHHS building in the same locations the previous stands were, from the senior high gym to the 3100 hallway.

Before their placement however, the Art Club has volunteered to add illustrations on the stands to further connect them to the building.  

“We have a small group of people designing each [newsstand]. Hopefully people that are interested in the area can pour into that design,” Emily Henderson, art teacher, said.

Helton decided to have the stands decorated in order to tie them back into the WHHS community while also giving them more character.

“They should be works of art, it should be positive,” Helton said. “Say a teacher walks by one near their classroom, I want them to be like, ‘Oh I love that.’” 

For example, the newsstand nearest to the journalism room, 2306, decided by Helton and mrs. Gerwe-Perkins is planned to have all of the current staff’s signatures on a white background.

“I think this is a really fun project and I’m excited to see how the students take ownership of these,” Henderson said.