Girls field hockey

focusing on having fun


Used with permission from Chrissy Smith

After a game, the girls crowded around to take a picture together.

Liam Garth, Sports Writer

WHHS girls’ field hockey is now a club sport this year and they are off to a rocky start but look to improve before the end of the season. Even with the sport being changed, the mentality in the program has not changed. 

They are three  and 10 this year and their next opponent is Oakwood High School. Their main focus this year is just to improve and have fun.

“I think the girls are having a lot more fun this year,” team member Sophia Sheanshang, ‘24, said.

Most of the teams they are playing have many years of experience. Most of the girls playing on the team this year are first year players. They are growing this year with a lot of new younger students coming out to play.

“I love how the younger players are working and really trying in practice to get better,” Sheanshang said. 

This year is a learning experience for most of the girls and it has been a tough year so far. They are struggling to pull out wins. Team member Tatum Seibert, ‘24, expressed that they are all about learning to be better next year.

“It’s all about having fun this year,” Seibert said.

The team is doing various team building exercises this year with different themes at practice and dinners. The players are making connections off the field in hopes that it will correlate on the field.  

“I felt very welcomed and all of the girls were super supportive and positive,” first year team member, Lucy Faherty, ‘24, said.  

With the team not being a varsity team this year, the girls are hoping that will change next year. This has created challenges regarding when practice can be scheduled and the amount of field time the team can get. 

Despite these challenges, they are looking to finish the season strong with hopes of becoming a varsity sport next year. The team is still trying to have the most fun they can with the time they have left.

“I really hope we become a varsity team next year,” Seibert said.