Equation of meditation


William Demeter

Students in Yoga Club stretch, in preparation for yoga poses.

William Demeter, Opinions Writer

Yoga Club makes its mark on WHHS one stretch at a time. The Yoga Club was started in 2019 by Sally Dull, ‘20, and was brought back in 2021 by the current yoga club adviser, Ashley Markesbery. 

“Megan Scudder reached out and asked if I would be interested in being the advisor for [yoga club] and yoga has always been pretty important for me,” Markesbery said. 

SENIOR Megan Scudder, the president of the Yoga Club, leads students through poses during meetings. Markesbery believes each pose leaves a person with a different feeling.
“The very last pose we do is called Savasana, or corpse pose,” Markesbery said. “It’s a pose of total relaxation.” 

Yoga can have a great impact on mental health. Markesbery practices yoga every week to benefit herself. 

Students in Yoga Club perform the butterfly pose. (William Demeter)

“The major thing about yoga is actually not the poses,” Markesbery said.  “It’s the breathing, and the meditation part of it has been really beneficial for me.” 

Scudder is the president of the club and has been a part of it since 2019. She got into the habit of doing yoga through this club, and now practices yoga outside of school as well. 

Yoga Club is an open environment and anyone who wants to attend, can. It meets every other week on Thursdays either in the forum or, if weather permits, in the triangle courtyard. Club meetings start at 3 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. 

“Anybody who doesn’t have a place [to be] can show up to the Yoga Club and just be a part of a fun, laid-back community,” Markesbery said. “[There’s] no pressure.”