My favorite thing about Walnut is…


Iman Divanovic

These are a few examples of what E-flats favorite things are about WHHS are.

Iman Divanovic, Peanuts Writer

E-flats, Zoe Romanos, Amy Sarr and Jeilah Mays-Roddy all were asked questions in a survey about their favorite things about WHHS.

Why did you choose to come here?

“(R) I didn’t really have much of a choice, my parents have basically been telling me I’d be here since elementary school, but I always wanted to anyway, so I didn’t mind.”

“(S) The school has a good reputation and it is college preparatory.”

“(M-R) I chose to come here because my cousins used to go here and I heard it was a really good school.”

How long have you been here?

“(R) Since 7th grade.”

“(S) two years (7th and 8th grade).”

“(M-R) two years.”

What was your favorite year here? Why?

“(R) Last year was good, but this year isn’t so bad. Last year’s schedule was great, I met amazing friends and got closer to some old ones. But this year, for good and bad reasons, everyone seems to know each other and while that’s nice, it’s easier to be left out.”

“(S) This year because I know more about the school and I’m not getting lost.”

“(M-R) So far this is my favorite year here because everyone has matured and I have a lot of friends.”

 What is your favorite activity that happened here (dances, special sports games)? Why?

“(R) I love the school dances, like the Boogie Bash and the Twilight Ball. I enjoy the concerts and the theater productions as well.”

“(S) The Twilight ball because that [was] the only one that I’ve been to and it was fun.”

“(M-R) Special games and special days. They give me a chance to interact with my friends.”

What was/is your favorite class?

“(R) My favorite class is orchestra. The two teachers are very nice and make my day a lot better, and a few of my best friends are in those classes with me.”

“(S) Orchestra (this year and last year) and Social studies (this year) because I like the topics and the teachers make it fun.”

“(M-R) My fav[orite] class used to be math because I met one of my closest friends there.”

Who was/is your favorite teacher? Why?

“(R) Mrs. Watling, the former art teacher, was my favorite. She had me for study hall last year and always let my friends and me go to her class even after her quarter was over. She wrote me a very nice note in my yearbook, and it’s unfortunate she isn’t teaching here anymore.

“My Latin teacher last year, Mrs. Schmitz, was a very fun teacher to have as well. A lot of students didn’t like her class at all, but I did, and I’m glad I’ll still have her as a substitute sometimes.”

“(S) Samantha Stephenson, John Calligui, and Samantha Bramlage because they are really nice and made all of their classes fun.”

“(M-R) My fav[orite] teacher used to be Ms. Madigan because she was really fun.”

 What is your favorite thing about Walnut?

“(R) My friends, the activities, the teachers, it’s hard to choose.”

“(S) All the things they have to offer.”

“(M-R) My favorite things about Walnut are the pep rallies and earth jam.”

What is your favorite extracurricular here (clubs, sports teams)? Why?

“(R) Clubs. I like to be able to have an activity focusing around an interest of mine that isn’t REQUIRED to go to. I can go occasionally, but I also have the option not to if I have too much work or simply don’t feel like going one day.”

“(S) Any creative class (Art, Choir, Band, Orchestra, etc) .”

“(M-R) My fav[orite] [extracurricular] is volleyball because I met my best friends in that class.”  

If you could go to any other school, what would it be? Why? 

“(R) I had considered SCPA as a possibility, since I’ve always been interested and fairly good at different things in the fine arts category, such as art, music, etc., and I thought it could be a good place for me as an alternative.”

“(S) Spencer Center because it is a small school so it would be more simple to get around and it seems nice.”

“(M-R) I would go to Clark because most of my friends from my old school go there and my cousin.”