Fall fashion


Ben Schneider

“[Fashion is] a way for me to express myself. And also it’s just fun. It’s everything you want it to be which is dope. It’s a form of art.”

Hajra Munir and Ben Schneider

As the temperature in Cincinnati drops, staying warm becomes most people’s number one priority. To some, this means having to button up and add a multitude of layers, which can confine them both physically and creatively.

 Having to sacrifice style for functional warmth can feel limiting to some. To others, however, it can mean more options. 

Now pants and sweaters are viable, but if you’re really brave you can still tough it out in shorts. 

If you’re wanting to add more warmth with style, you could throw on a beanie, which actually makes sense to wear now. Some wear them year-round, which is a level of conviction most don’t have. 

Layering is a big trend that comes back every fall and winter. Often subtle, but effective, it can create a sense of depth in your outfit. It could be as simple as adding a button-down under a sweater vest or a simple jacket added to any outfit.

SENIOR Maggie Dull has taken an appreciation for fall fashion and believes the colder weather opens up more doors. 

“[My go-to fall outfit involves] a lot of oversized jackets and sweaters. I usually wear a turtleneck, sweater and then a coat on top. Sometimes I put on a fun oversized scarf,” Dull said. 

You also don’t need to own the most expensive brands to stay in style this season. Where you buy something can mean a lot more than simply the logo. It can tell the story of where you’ve been or what you’re interested in. 

“I don’t have a specific brand that I go for, but I do have stores,” Amyll Dawson, ‘24, said. 

 Wearing something just because of the logo is a high-maintenance way to drive your fashion sense. Finding an interesting new piece of clothing at a thrift store can be exciting, even though someone donated it, it could still hold some value to you, and that’s really all that matters. 

It is the little nuances of your outfit that make it special. Where you got each piece of the outfit. The memories you made in each outfit. It all makes fashion that much more meaningful. This can especially be true with vintage clothing. 

“I love vintage, I am a nineties and seventies geek, those are my eras,” Dawson said.

It is truly a testament to those time periods, that people who weren’t even alive can still so easily identify with the fashion of that era.

Thrifting is a sensible way to find vintage pieces or basics that can improve your wardrobe. Lazlo Thomas, ‘24, enjoys finding thrift stores in Cincinnati and making a day out of it.

 “I like to go to the bins at St. Vincent Depaul with my friends and find the best basics for the best prices,” Thomas said. 

Fashion is extremely versatile and can be interpreted in many ways. Trends come and go, so it is important to wear what you like and experiment until you find the style you feel best in. 

“People never care as much as you think they do. It might be a little bit of a jump at first but that’s the only way you’re gonna find your style,” Thomas said.