The Bengals:

A success or hot mess?


Elena Brown

We asked 45 people some questions about how they think the Bengals will do this year. Here are 3 pie charts depicting different questions.

Elena Brown, Managing Editor of Student Life

With the Bengals season underway, there are many mixed opinions on how well they will perform this year. So far, the Bengals are 4-3, which is about the same as their starting record last year. The question is, will they go to the Super Bowl again this season?

We asked 45 students how they think the Bengals will do. Responses varied a lot, but a few common themes popped up. To start off, many people were very excited about the Bengals’ Super Bowl appearance last year.

“It was a shock!” SENIOR Kaitlyn Fritz said, “Usually I don’t pay attention to the Bengals because they usually aren’t doing too well, but I was really invested last year! It was amazing finally beating our drought of always losing our first playoff game.”

On the other hand, some students were not as enthusiastic about the Bengals’ success last season.

“I was happy for them [the Bengals], but the Super Bowl was kind of weird because my family likes the Bengals and when the Rams won, I got so happy, but my family was mad,” Iyad Lidiri ‘27, said. “I had to watch the Super Bowl in my room on my PC because my family was mad at me for liking the Rams.”

Many students are wondering what will happen this year to the former AFC champions and Super Bowl runner-ups. 

“I hate to say it, but I think they were just incredibly lucky last season. Seeing their most recent game’s results, I have to say, I don’t think they’re doing too well,” Vito Valentino, ‘27, said.                                                                                          

A recurring theme also popped up throughout the interviewees: the Bengal’s offensive line.

“Their offense needs to figure themselves out, and not just the players, but the coaches too. Zac Taylor has shown that he is a horrible play caller, especially when it has mattered the most,” Ace Cocklin, ‘24, said. “The offensive line also needs to step up. We could have a way better record if the offensive line played like they did in weeks 3 and 4 and weeks 1 and 2.”

With the Super Bowl still fresh in many students’ minds, some fans don’t think that it’s out of reach.

“I think the Bengals have finally gotten to see a glimpse of how the Super Bowl feels after, I believe, 20 years or so, and I don’t think they are willing to give that up,” Kahila Helm, ‘25, said. “They have put good, hard work into this season so far and I think, as long as they want to go to the Bowl again, they can and they will.”