Short and sweet:

cheer yourself up


L mahler

The finished product–I made one with passion tea and the other with an Arnold Palmer.

L Mahler, Fine Arts

Look, we get it. WHHS can be a stressful place. Sometimes the time crunch forces you to choose between good grades and mental health. However, what if you could have a luxurious drink without sacrificing too much of your precious time? Here’s a quick, easy and cheap way to bring some semblance of a smile to your face.

All you will need is a cup, a drink, some ice and colored sugar (which can be bought at most grocery stores, such as Target or Kroger). Yes, this does mean any drink–even a cheap soda will look stunning with this method.

First, rim your cup. Pour your colored sugar into a bowl large enough to put the top of your glass inside of. Dampen your hand, and run it along the edge of the cup–if you’re doing this casually then you can also use a slice of lemon or lime. Place the glass in the bowl and twist it from side to side making sure to evenly cover all of the rim.

Next, carefully place your ice in the cup. Throwing it in recklessly can mess up the rim, so make sure not to hit the edge of the glass when adding the ice.

Finally, add your drink. And with that, you’re done. It’s as simple as that. This can make for a good offering for parties, a day with your significant other or simply a night alone. With seemingly infinite variations, this method can certainly help to make your day brighter.