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Used with permission from Sofia Leigh

Piper Peanut is the official mascot of the Chatterbox Peanuts Section. If you have any questions for Piper be sure to fill out the google form.

Piper Peanut, Peanuts Advice Columnist

Hey peanuts, it’s Piper Peanut here! 

I am the official mascot of the Chatterbox Peanuts section and am here to provide honest feedback and advice for incoming junior high students. 

It can be very scary to start a new school and get accustomed to its various ins and outs, but I am here to help with that! 

A lot of you guys were asking about different kinds of clubs to join. There are many clubs here at WHHS to choose from.

If you are looking to make friends, I would recommend the We Dine Together club. It is a club where you can eat lunch with other members of the club, have conversations and make friends!

If that doesn’t interest you, but you would still like to find friends, then I would look into Eagle Buddies. A club where you are paired up with upperclassmen at WHHS that can offer you some advice and guidance to make the challenge of adjusting to a new school just a little easier.

WHHS has many clubs that cater to a wide variety of cultures and interests, so there is a club for everyone! You can find a list of every club on the WHHS website under student activities. If you would like to know more about clubs, you should ask your counselor for more information. 

The other questions I received a lot were about Latin. The best thing you can do whenever you’re confused is to go to the help nights that your teacher provides.

If for some reason that doesn’t help and you’re still struggling with Latin, you could always look into getting a tutor. The Student Success Center has many older student volunteers, and the Latin department maintains a list of tutors. 

The final tip I’m offering you guys today is about AP classes. You can not start AP classes until sophomore year, so you have plenty more time to think about it, as well as plenty of time not to worry. There is no pressure to even join one, it is completely a choice.

 If you do decide that AP’s are the right choice for you as you enter high school, I would definitely recommend taking AP US History and AP Seminar if you like to debate or write. If science is your strong suit, then I would recommend AP Chemistry your sophomore year. I know a new school can be a little intimidating, but you guys will all do great! 

Good luck this year!


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