Scarlet and Violet

Everything we know


Used with permission from Pokemon Company, Gamefreak

A shot of Paldea at night, with an unidentified building in the distance.

L Mahler, Fine Arts

With Nov. 18–the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet–fast approaching, many fans are scrambling to know every piece of information. Here, we’ll review all revealed features, characters and, most importantly, creatures from the newest generation.

First, let’s take a look at some background information. Your character will travel the Paldea region, which is inspired by modern-day Spain and Portugal. They will attend either the Naranja or Uva Academy in Scarlet or Violet respectively. 

In this region, we’ve learned of the towns Artazon, Glaseado and Mesagoza, the latter of which is where your school is located. With diverse biomes, a brand-new open-world format and beautiful designs, just exploring the Paldea region might prove to be as fun as the game itself.

Even more stunning than the infrastructure are the new characters. You’ll meet the Professors, Sada and Turo, along with your childhood friend and rival, Nemona. You’ll also find your headmaster, Clavell and your teachers, Jacq and Arven. Aside from Nemona and your shy classmate Penny, you also go to school with the delinquent group, Team Star, and one of their bosses, Mela. During your gym challenge, you’ll fight leaders such as Grusha, an ice specialist, Iono, an electric-loving streamer, and Brassius, an artistic grass-user. 

Finally, running the challenge–metaphorically and literally–is the champion, Geeta. As of now, these are all of the confirmed characters, but hopefully you can expect even more incredible people to meet, battle and befriend.

Since the sixth generation, each region has its own special gimmick–Kalos with Mega Evolution, Alola with Z-moves, Galar with Dynamaxing, and now, Paldea with Terastalizing. In this phenomenon, your Pokemon dons an ornate (albeit silly) accessory. With most of your friends, this matches their typing, but with certain special Pokemon you can gain a new “Tera Type” adding a new type to your buddy. 

Not only that, but this game also features “auto-battles,” as well as a subcategory called “Let’s Go!” in which you can hunt for items while your buddy fights for you. Though many fans dislike gimmicks such as these, it still looks to be unfolding into an exciting adventure, no matter your past opinions.

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for–the Pokemon themselves. Your starters include Sprigatito, a cute plant cat, Fuecoco, a stout little crocodile and Quaxly, a sassy water duck. The legendaries include Koraidon in Scarlet and Miraidon in Violet, as well as a similar lizard called Cyclizar, which many have theorized to be related to the legends. 

People’s hearts have quickly been won over by many of the adorable new friends–the “Pikachu clone” Pawmi, a round little hog named Lechonk, a tiny timid “Smoliv” plant, a doughy puppy Fidough, a street-artist lemur called Grafaiai and finally an odd underwater garden-snake called Wigglet, seemingly related to the Kanto region’s Diglett. 

We’ve also been introduced to a few more intimidating Pokemon, such as the giant land whale Cetitan, the long-necked palindrome Farigiraf or the cliffside crab Klawf. Last but certainly not least, one of the most recent introductions has been with the warrior duo, Armarouge and Ceruledge, each with a strong fiery passion. 

The lineup for this game has quickly proven to be stunning, so get pumped for exploration!