Spring Fling updates


Photo Courtesy of: Student Congress Classes of ‘24 and ‘25

Student Congress created a flyer for the dance, allowing students to scan the QR Code to purchase tickets.

What’s Happening?

This year, freshmen and sophomores will share their spring dance – the Spring Fling. While in previous years, freshmen and sophomore dances have been separate, COVID-19 restrictions prevented sophomores from attending homecoming, prompting the creation of the joint Spring Fling.

Where to Purchase Tickets?

Students may purchase tickets digitally through April 20 for $15 by using an online payment method and entering their student ID number.

Where and When?

The dance will be held Saturday, April 23, in the Senior High Gym from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Despite being held later in the school year than is typical, Student Congress hopes that the later date will be beneficial.
“We get to use the experiences [from the Twilight Ball and Prom] as examples for [the Spring Fling]… and I think both of their dances were very successful,” Maya Sampath, ‘25, Vice President of the freshmen class, said.

What to Wear?

The Spring Fling is considered a semi-formal dance, and student attire must adhere to the school policy expressed in the student handbook.

What to Expect?

Following a vote by freshmen and sophomore students, the decided theme of the dance is Night in New York. Decorations will follow this theme, accompanied by a DJ. Food and drinks are included in ticket purchases and will be provided at the dance.

Who’s Running It?

Student Congress classes of ‘24 and ‘25 have made a joint effort to plan the dance over the past months. Both classes are using funds raised throughout the school year to cover purchase costs for decorations, food and music.