Sun-Rise to the highest

SENIORS begin a year full of celebration with new tradition, The SENIOR Sunrise


Courtesy of Kylie Bridgeman

SENIORS Kylie Bridgeman, Taylor Blair, Shaniya Rice and Zoe Cummings pose for a picture at the SENIOR Sunrise. Many friends and groups were reunited at the event after a long year of quarantine.

Bobby Keegan and Isabella Zinchini

With a new school year comes a new class of WHHS SENIORS. WHHS has established many traditions over the years to celebrate their SENIORS. The class of ‘22 has brought about a new celebration that, one day, could  become one of these long and beloved traditions, the SENIOR sunrise. 

The class of ‘21 had a similar event on their last day of school in 2021; the class of ‘22 reimagined the idea and held a before school event on Friday Aug 20 on Marx stadium to celebrate the sun rising upon a new school year, their last at WHHS before starting a new chapter in college.  

The event was organized by the SENIOR student congress and SENIOR class president Kylie Bridgeman. 

“I got the inspiration for this event by watching TikToks of SENIORS over quarantine doing drive through SENIOR sunrises and it just looked like a fun idea that we could do, whether we were in person or remote and the turnout has been really great so I’m glad we decided to do it,” SENIOR Kylie Bridgeman said. 

The event began at 6 a.m., two hours before the start of the school day. Student congress had outdoor games, frisbees and food prepared to celebrate the beginning of the school year. 

“I really enjoyed being able to see everyone in one place after being quarantined last year,” SENIOR Brady Stoffregen said in response to the event. 

The SENIOR Sunrise was just the beginning of a long year of celebration for the class of ‘22. SENIORS are excited for the year to come and all the events to celebrate their achievements throughout high school.