Gatorade sponsors Athletic Department, adds new vending machines


Caroline Horvath

There are two Gatorade vending machines placed throughout the school, one in the Arcade and one next to the locker rooms under the Junior High Gym. The machines were installed in December 2018 as a part of a sponsorship between the WHHS Athletic Department and Gatorade.

Before winter break, WHHS added new vending machines sponsored by Gatorade that feature numerous Gatorade products. The new machines have Gatorade energy drinks as well as protein shakes, protein bars and other Gatorade products. The vending machines came at the end of the second quarter. However, they were originally scheduled to arrive before the school year started, but couldn’t due to shipping issues.

The Athletic Department at WHHS is sponsored by Gatorade. Outside of the new vending machines, WHHS athletic teams are also provided with Gatorade products. The sponsorship began when the company called the Athletic Department looking to offer WHHS more products through the sponsorship. The Athletic Department accepted their offer in order to add more snack options for the students of WHHS.

All of the money that is made from the vending machines is collected by the trainers and the Athletic Department and goes straight to WHHS athletics. None goes to the Gatorade company themselves.

Gatorade’s new line of energy drinks, Gatorade Zero, was released in June 2018. The drink is a sugar and carb free version of the regular drink, and the Athletic Department is looking to add this product to the vending machines in the future. The Athletic Department also plans to add more protein shakes and regular energy drinks to fill up some of the empty spots in the machines right now.

A large benefit of the new machines is that athletes can have a refreshing snack or drink before or after practices. But even if you do not play a sport, these new vending machines can still positively impact you and your time at school.

The two new machines located in the arcade near the patio and near the locker rooms are just the beginning of WHHS’ sponsorship with Gatorade, and we may see more moves like this in the future.