Serving up wins


Alasija Harris

SENIOR Jalyn Hall looks to take a serve in a match against Kings High School. Hall is currently battling tendonitis while trying to make it through her season.

Kaylee Robbins, Peanuts Section Editor

Fall is a busy season for many sports, one of them being women’s varsity tennis. The team is ranked third in the Eastern Tennis Conference (ECC) and regularly rank top 10 in the city rankings every week.
The team’s new coach is Taylor Brannon, Brannon has coached his girls to a record of 11-4.0. Though this is his first year at WHHS, he has been playing tennis himself since the age of six.
“Love what you’re doing, let it be a drive but never let it be an obsession,” Brannon said. Brannon is dedicated to having a fun and successful season, meaning that he believes it is okay to work towards your dreams but not to a breaking point.
SENIOR Jolianna Jones is in her second year of varsity. Jones said that she did not have as much of an advantage as other girls on her team. “Most girls start playing when they are in around first grade but I did not start until just a couple years ago,” Jones said.
“Love what you do because that always helps,” Jones said. She also says that hard work will help you achieve your goals.
Another SENIOR is ,Jalyn Hall, who is on varsity for her fourth year and is facing some major hardships his season. Hall has tendinitis, where the tissue connecting muscle becomes swollen.
Hall says that it is frustrating how she is finishing out her season in a total different way and she hopes to recover as soon as she can to get back into the game.
If you are a young athlete hoping to achieve your goals like these girls are doing, then these tennis players would advise to stay positive and motivated, work hard and push yourself to the best of your ability to achieve your goals.