Junior High football excited for new season


Arianna Boddie

Students gathered in the gym for the annual junior high fall pep rally. Students celebrated their student-athlete classmates and got excited for the season with the help of the Junior High Cheerleading team.

Bobby Keegan, Editor in Chief

Last year, the then-seventh grade WHHS football team ran a historic record of an undefeated season, and the winning streak remained heavy on their minds through the summer conditioning. Now, the season has started again, and the team hopes to continue its winning ways in eighth grade.
However, the team lost their first game of the season against Loveland, ending their string of victories–but the team is not discouraged.
“[The loss] humbled us and took us back to our roots,” center Jonah Hutchins, ‘23, said.
The eighth grade team maintains the same goal as last season: to win the rest of their games and go on to win the championship tournament at the end of the season.
At the same time, the new seventh grade team is off to a better start.
The new WHHS football players won their first game of the season, but could not create the same result for their second game and finished with a tie. With a 1-0-1 record, the seventh grade athletes strive for the same goal as their eighth grade counterparts. In addition, many of them aspire to be like their WHHS elders.
Cameron Craft, ‘24, says he admires the work ethic and determination of other players, and more specifically, looks up to quarterback Jack Reuter, ‘23. Craft is also optimistic about his team’s future.
“We got a fast team and I don’t think anyone is going to touch us for the rest of the season,” Craft said.
Both junior high teams look to complete their seasons with winning records and aim to accomplish the feat of winning the championship tournament.

This article is updated as of Tues., Sept. 18, 2018.