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Abigail Soares

Abigail Soares, Staff Writer

In her first year as a Chatterbox staff member, Abigail Soares is working as a staff writer.  One of her goals is to produce articles that highlight Walnut as a whole.

Soares plays three instruments: piano, guitar and violin. She also swims. She hopes to become a criminal defense attorney and join Harvard Law School or any Ivy League college. She is also passionate about debating and reading books.

Soares represents the class of 2023 and once did a program called Girls in Politics in New York City where she got to learn and take on the roles of members of the Senate and the US House of Representatives.

When she is not being a nerd, she is usually studying or finding an excuse to listen to music to immerse herself in a world where she can be anything she wants to be, with fantasy hopes that it will come true.


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