Kaylee’s Korner

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Used with permission from Angela Robbins

To start off this column, I decided it would be fitting to show a picture of me and my dad at a regatta early last year. My favorite part of rowing is probably my team and all the fun we have during traveling and regattas.

‘Student-athlete’ is a term used to describe any student who plays a sport. Whether it’s football, soccer, volleyball or even the academic quiz team, a student-athlete not only juggles school, extracurriculars and their social life, but also hours of practice each week.

My name is Kaylee. I’ve been playing sports my whole life, but it was not until my freshman year that I find the sport I truly wanted to do, and even go collegiate for: rowing.

Deciding I would row for at least another four years out of high school was a big decision for me, and it left me with so many questions, like where do I start? How can I even balance that? Am I even good enough?

In this column, Kaylee’s Korner, I hope to take you all with me on my recruiting, rowing and academic journey as a student-athlete, doling out advice and relatable experiences for all to enjoy. 

In no way have I, or any student for that matter, mastered the art of student-athleting (if that’s even a word), but I’ve definitely learned from myself and those around me several tips and tricks that can help you through your high school, and potentially even college, athletic careers. 

Please send in questions or comments about things I should write about to be the most helpful to you all through this process using this google form: Kaylee’s Korner questionnaire.

Tune in to my next column to hear about one of the biggest questions any student-athlete asks at one point or another: how in the world do I get recruited?