Letter from the editor

Hajra Munir


Kimaya Mundhe

Hajra Munir, ’23 is the editor in chief of The Chatterbox for the 2022-2023 school year.

Hey there Eagles!!

My name is Hajra Munir, and I am pleased and beyond grateful to be this year’s editor-in-chief of the Chatterbox. 

As this is my fifth and final year on staff, I am honored to be able to assist in not only capturing, but highlighting the stories of the WHHS community once again. 

As we celebrate 100 years of the Chatterbox, it’s important we remember the history of this beloved and influential paper. From 1922-2022, we have covered historical events starting from global news all the way to our very own classrooms at WHHS. 

Our purpose continues to be writing history that will be preserved for future generations to read and reference to for subsequent events. 

As a student journalist, I find it pertinent that we practice our First Amendment rights and use The Chatterbox as a forum for public concerns and ideas. I aspire for this paper to be an outlet for young minds to use their freedom of the press to tell the stories of the WHHS community from the WHHS student perspective. 

WHHS is a community filled with thousands of diverse students who are making a difference every day. Whether it’s through the multitude of sports, clubs or extracurriculars we have to offer, or even through a plethora of outside achievements, there are always unique stories happening within our hallways. 

As a child of immigrant parents, I grew up understanding the story of the unspoken. I learned to always hear every story as it is and I continue to do that as a Chatterbox staff member–advocate for the unheard and exhibit the stories that are shadowed. 

I am indebted to this publication for guiding me to find my passion and create friends that have become family. The staff inspires me every day to be a better writer and leader. I am ecstatic to work with old and new members of the staff. 

This year is also the first year that we welcome a broadcast class to add to our journalism program. With this class, we provide more opportunities for students to tell the stories of WHHS customs and traditions through video and podcasts. We are excited to see this class thrive and become a channel of creative storytelling.

I hope you all enjoy our first issue and look forward to another year of making history within our own campus. 

Many thanks,