Boone perfects his craft

William Boone, ‘24, has been making his own guitars from scratch since August 2021. 

“I started because they were too expensive, and then I just kind of went from there,” Boone said.

Boone, who is also a member of the WHHS Junior Orchestra, views making instruments as “an aspiring profession.”

“I’ve thought about taking commissions later on so then I can make kind of a side job out of it,” Boone said.

Instrument-making is something that Boone sees as much more than just recreation, because of this, he is very dedicated to his work; he spends around six months on each instrument that he creates. “It starts as a block of wood and then I shape it around, detail it and fine tune it,” Boone said.

Although it is hard work, Boone takes great pleasure in creating these instruments. When asked what his favorite part of making his own instruments is, Boone said that he enjoys “finishing up, oiling and clearing [the instrument], so that I can see the final product.”

With the amount of time and effort Boone puts into perfecting his craft, seeing the finished instruments is very rewarding to him.