Effies vs. Eflats: Fighting for the win

Many 7th graders, like Christopher Potts, ‘27 were very confident in their performance.
“Effies [will win] because we’ve been demolishing [E-flats] and they’ve only won once,” Potts said. (Jeannie Ngansop)
Although the 8th graders won, the main purpose of the dodgeball social was to have all students of Junior High be able to meet each other while having fun. As new 7th graders come into WHHS, 8th graders return to WHHS after attending online school for the majority of the year. (Dominic Hamon)


Some of the techniques the 8th graders used to take their win were catching the ball to bring back teammates that were taken out of the game, staying in the front to have better aim and controlling the game by grabbing the balls first right after the countdown ended. (Gigi Twachtman)


For many 7th graders, it is hard adjusting to a new school setting, environment and building, for many 8th graders it’s hard adjusting to in person after being online screen to screen for such a long time. So, students of the Junior High student council created the Junior High dodgeball game in order for their fellow peers to connect with each other face to face. (Gigi Twachtman)


Despite a rocky start, the E-flats were able to pick the game up and strive into victory, beating the Effies six to two. “We won because we used teamwork and the other team lost people fast,” Onyx O’Neill ‘26 said. (Gigi Twachtman)