World of Walnut Traditions: Seventh and Eighth Grade Edition


As seventh and eighth graders come back into the building it’s important for them to feel connected to the new normal.

Hello friends, it’s Piper Peanut here! I’m a mascot for seventh and eighth graders. It can be nerve-racking coming up into a new school, but there is no need for the jitterbugs! I am here to help guide you through life here at WHHS, starting with some Junior High events to welcome you to the WHHS community. 

Let’s start off with the Boogie Bash. This is a Halloween dance made especially for seventh and eighth graders. It’s a lively, costume event with group and individual prizes for the best costume, as well as great food options at WHHS. The Boogie Bash will be held Oct. 22 in the Junior High gym. 

Also in October, there will be auditions for the first of the Junior High theatre productions. The 3rd annual One Act Festival will contain two performances featuring an all seventh and eighth grade cast and crew. Auditions for Oz, a re-telling of the classic “Wizard of Oz” story, and The Internet is Distract- OH LOOK A KITTEN!, a fast paced comedy about the internet will be held on Oct. 4 and 5, and show dates are Dec. 2 and 4.

The second Junior High dance will be held in the spring, and have a bit more formal, classic school dance feel. The “Twilight Ball” is the Junior High equivalent of prom, and, while still being held in the Junior High gym, will  be a good opportunity for new students to get a feel for the environment of a High School event without being surrounded by people almost twice their age.

One group of attendees at the dance, “Effies,” a name that is given to the seventh graders. Effies are recognized by the school to be those with small figures, a backpack bigger than them, or, in some cases, a big rolling backpack. They are also known to not use their lockers and store everything from classes in their enormous bag. Another common sign of an Effie is a tendency to get lost in the hallways. 

Now eighth graders, don’t feel left out! The eighth grade class is given their own affectionate nickname, the ‘E-flats’.”

Now whether you are an Effie or an E-Flat you belong at this school! Entering a new environment can be tough, but there are teachers and resources out there to help you, and this won’t be the last time we get connected. I hope teaching you all about the seventh and eighth grade customs will make you feel more attached to WHHS. 


All the best,
Piper Peanut