Frozen Jr. performance updates


Courtesy of WHHS Theater

Several changes have been made to the performance dates to the Frozen Jr. musical. Currently there will no longer be in-person performances.

The junior high musical, Frozen Jr., has been scheduled to stream May 13 through 15 online at 7 p.m. Streaming passes are available on the Walnut Hills Theatre website. The full cast and crew list for the play is available on the website as well.

“I think [people] should either stream [the musical]… because it’s a really family friendly story. It’s a really beautiful story, honestly. Almost everyone knows the story of Frozen but it’s really nice to see and it’s really nice to be able to see people put this together…with COVID and everything because there hasn’t been a lot of [plays put on]. And personally, it’s really nice to see, and it’s really nice to do. And it’s nice to get back to some kind of normalcy and enjoy a great show,” said Emma Dalton, ‘24, who plays Pabbie, the leader of the “Hidden Folk.”

According to Michael Sherman, the theatre department chair at Walnut, due to COVID-19 currently there will be no in person performances for the musical. In the event that this is reversed and there are last minute in-person audiences they will “have protocols in place, which include mandatory mask requirements, social distancing in the house, and limiting tickets to online presales.”