We Live on a Floating Rock: Random acts of kindness


Kate Stiens

It can never hurt to show the world some kindness, go out of your comfort zone and do some random act of kindness for strangers.

Everyone you pass on the street, in the car or on the sidewalk; they are all struggling with their individual issues. You have no idea what someone is going through. Doing something rude towards them could be their breaking point of a horrible day. But why not do the opposite?

Random acts of kindness are the simplest things to do that make the greatest impact. A touch of kindness could turn someone’s entire day around and may make them want to spread kindness. 

Life is too short to not compliment that girl’s shoes. To say “I love your hair.” That single compliment will stick with them for the rest of the day, and every moment forward they wear those shoes, or style their hair that certain way. But many are too scared to give people that compliment. Why is that? 

A lot of us think in our heads about the good things around us, but why not let that person know? Keeping these thoughts in our head won’t do anything but possibly make us jealous, or even make the other insecure if they feel they are being judged.

Giving people compliments is one of the simplest ways to get out of your comfort zone, and spread positivity. It benefits everyone. The complimenter feels good that they spread kindness, and the complemented feels appreciated.

Compliments are not the only way to spread kindness, however. One of things I have challenged myself to do was to buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them out to strangers with friends.

People loved it.

Each flower brought smiles to people’s faces. It’s not everyday you get a flower from a stranger. 

They were pleasantly surprised by the random act of kindness, and some even asked, “what is the occasion?” Does there have to be an occasion? Ask yourself this next time you decide whether to do something kind or to do nothing at all. There shouldn’t have to be an occasion for kindness. 

It takes confidence to approach people if you are not super outgoing, but it pushes you to expand that comfort zone once more. Social anxiety is faced by a lot of people today, especially with the decrease of social interaction because of the world’s current state. It is difficult to just go up to someone and start talking to them. But this is exactly what the point of doing this is. If you take baby steps to broaden your social skills, you will get more comfortable with doing things that are fun, but normally, you wouldn’t have the confidence to do.

If you need ideas for random acts of kindness, try to pay for the person behind you in a drive through. Help your neighbor carry in the groceries. Leave kind notes on people’s cars. Pass out flowers to strangers. The options are endless.

Make someone’s day. What do you have to lose? We live on a floating rock, life is too short not to spread kindness and make this world, or floating rock, a better place to live.