The high notes of the senior high band concert


Photo courtesy of: REM

The 2018-2019 WHHS Wind Ensemble pose on the stage where they performed several concerts. The Wind Ensemble was included in the senior high band concert on Feb. 25, 2020.

The senior high band concert was on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. in the WHHS auditorium. The concert featured performances from the Intermediate Band Percussion Ensemble, Junior Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble. 

The concert opened with a performance of “Escape Artist,” composed by Eric Rath, performed by the Intermediate Band Percussion Ensemble. 

Then came the Junior Band, who started their part of the concert with “Journey Into Diablo Canyon,” composed by David Shaffer. The piece starts slow and then builds up into an energetic piece as it progresses. 

The next song they performed was “Incandescence,” composed by Richard Saucedo, which, according to the program for the concert, is supposed to represent the energy of a “flame burning brighter and brighter.”

The final piece the Junior Band performed was “Pursuit of the Centaur,” composed by Robert Sheldon. 

The next band to perform was the Symphonic Band, who started their part of the concert with “Enchanted Spaces.” This grand sounding piece was meant to “capture the magic of an ‘enchanted’ city.” 

The Symphonic Band then performed “Ye Banks and Braces, O Bonnie Doon,” composed by Percy Aldridge Grainger. According to the program, this composition is meant to be paired with a poem written by Robert Burns that “describes a love story around the River Doon.”

The final piece performed by the Symphonic Band was “Fortress,” composed by Frank Ticheli, which is both ominous and complex.

 The final band to perform was the Wind Ensemble, who opened their part of the concert with “Gavorkna Fanfare,” composed by Jack Stamp.

[My] favorite piece to perform [during] this concert was [First Suite in E Flat For Military Band] by [Gustav] Holst”

— Lucia Johns, '22

Next was “The Promise of Living,” composed by Aaron Copeland, which starts with only a few instruments playing, but soon evolves into the whole ensemble playing and is meant to evoke “feelings of longing, hope, and the promise of a better tomorrow.”

“Pequena Czarda,” composed by Pedro Iturralde was performed by alto saxophonist, Josh Duebber, ‘20, who was accompanied by the rest of the wind ensemble.

The Wind Ensemble closed the concert with “First Suite in E Flat For Military Band,” composed by Gustav Holst. It was performed in three movements: “Chaconne,” “Intermezzo,” and “March.”

Lucia Johns, ‘22, is a percussionist in the Wind Ensemble. Johns has “been in band my entire time at WHHS, so from 7th to 10th grade.”

Johns said that her “favorite piece to perform [during] this concert was [First Suite in E Flat For Military Band] by [Gustav] Holst.”

 All in all, the WHHS Senior High Band Concert was a musical night for both the audience and the students involved.