New Netflix nostalgia


Photo courtesy of: Rob Obsidian/ flickr

The story of The Witcher also appeared in a series of videogames, the most recent being The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (pictured). Both the Netflix show and the games are based off of the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish author who released the book in 1993 dubbed in Polish, and republished in 2007 dubbed for English readers.

Streaming shows is something that nearly every teenager at WHHS does in their free time, or dare I say when procrastinating homework? Watching an entertaining show is an escape from the chains of homework and the dread of an upcoming test or quiz. 

Every student should have an outlet from school, whether that is a sport, club, theatre production, creating art or watching a good show. Since I consider myself a sommelier of popcorn and movies/Netflix shows, I figured that I should announce some of my favorite new shows on Netflix.

Starting with a bang, Netflix’s The Witcher. During the first episode, I could not even hear what was being said and thus could not follow the story. So naturally, I kept watching, but this time with headphones plugged into my Macbook and not on my television. Every night for about a week, I got sucked into the realm of The Continent. The show follows Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, and his adventures, encounters with monsters, and the “Law of Surprise.” 

What would I rate this show is an 8/10. The show has a good dual storyline and plot with some interesting twists that “surprise” the viewer. I genuinely hope Netflix releases a second season because the ending left me wanting more! PSA: this show does contain some thematic elements that may not be appropriate for young viewers; yes, Effies, I am talking about you.

Following up on such a great show, I watched Rise of Empires: Ottoman. You do not have to be a History Channel geek to like this show. Although nowadays the History Channel is about aliens and fake ghostbusters, this show lets the real historians fill in on the history so that the actors can focus on the good stuff: drama and war. 

To set the scene for you a little bit: we are following Mehmed II, the young king of the Ottoman Empire, and we are desperate to reclaim our homeland, Constantinople. Are you hype yet? No? Maybe watching some of these Roman vs. Ottoman all-out showdowns will change your mind. This show is not quite like any history show I have ever seen, it is deathly serious, and the historians provide the contextual framework and structure so you do not have to listen to the actors ramble about all of that textbook-speak. Overall rating: 7/10. Worth a watch, and worth another season/continuation for sure.

Finally, we are closing out with Lost in Space. Do not hate on me but I only had the time to watch season one even though season two just released a couple months ago. So, to make up for it, I will review season one and give you some reasons to actually go back and watch the second season, because I know you have not. That math test, science quiz, and vocab terms caught up to you, huh? I know, and I have got your back. 

Season one follows the Robinson family, who are trying to escape Earth because our planet has supposedly deteriorated to Mount Rumpke standards. However, in a desperate mystery evacuation from their transport ship, the Robinson family crash land on an unknown planet that can sustain human life. On this planet, the will (get it? Will Robinson? haha, not funny…) of the Robinson family is tested by the trials and tribulations they must overcome to survive the dangers of a frosty planet and its seemingly ever-changing biomes. 

Yet, an unexpected friend, the Robot, helps guide the Robinson family despite a lack of communication and understanding. Okay, now to why you should watch season two: you just read everything I wrote and the nostalgia of the first season is telling you that you want to see what Will and his family will face in their plan to get to Alpha Centauri, or “The New World.”

That is all I have got for this production cycle folks, if there is something you want to see me review, send an email to Good luck on the third quarter grind, Eagles!