Wally Hill: on senioritis

Hello. My name is Wally Hill and I am a SENIOR among you, watching, listening and taking in everything at WHHS. 

Lately, everything has been charging in full force as exams have arrived. But if we look past those terrible, gloomy exams, it is the holiday season. 

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas and the new year are upon us. Lately, if I am truly to be honest, I have yet to get into the holiday spirit.

For me, I have been worrying about everything else, specifically academics. It’s my final year. My final semester. I have to make it count. 

There has been less groove in my step than usual. Before Nov., I had all the motivation to complete my work and participate in all I needed to do. 

But now, everything has gone downhill. I slowed down. I lost umph. 

I like all my classes or at least I used to. Everything has turned into a hassle than something I enjoy. 

I wanted to write this as a memo, I suppose, as a SENIOR eagle, to the rest of the students under me.

SENIOR year is a hassle and I have yet to reach the peak.

It seems nice. After years of being tortured at this school, one would think that this is the best year yet. But there is more you have to do and higher standards you have to perform at.

It’s hard. Senioritis is real. But this more and I fear, we SENIORS, blanket it as such. 

This is on the verge of depression and it sucks. 

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing where things became more real or this has been something that other students struggle through. 

This is something that other students I know have struggled through as well. This is the best year of our lives but this year has become real as to how unprepared I am to survive in this world. 

This has to be one of the darkest articles I have written on my struggle as a SENIOR eagle but it is true.

I’ll survive. I have spent four or more years at this school, there is no point in giving up now. Who knows, perhaps it was my destiny to attend Cincy State.

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Vacation and Happy New Years because inclusion is important. 


Over and out to my way to Orlando,

Wally Hill