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Kaylee Robbins

Amir Kelow, ’25, is a seventh grader at WHHS. He plans to follow in his family’s footsteps to enter into the construction industry, specifically, demolition.

Here at WHHS, a majority of the students experience academic pressure and stress. Many of these students also fit in time for extracurricular activities, including sports.

Some of our students, especially seventh graders, must adjust to the new school environment alongside these challenges. 

One of these seventh graders, Amir Kelow, ‘25, is participating in the winter sport of basketball.

Coming from Hyde Park School, Kelow has quickly eased into the new environment of WHHS. “Everyone’s nice, everyone welcomes you in, no one treats you differently,” said Kelow. 

On top of this, Kelow has been building big dreams coming from a family legacy: becoming a demolitionist. Demolition is the practice of tearing down and destroying man-made things safely. 

Kelow stated that his father and grandfather have also worked in the business of construction so, becoming a demolitionist would be his perfect future. 

Kelow is not participating in any clubs, but he still has enough on his plate as a new student at WHHS. 

Because of the stress of transitioning to a new school, joining a club or team makes the process a lot easier. Navigating a new and large school is a lot easier when you have friends by your side. 

Kaylee Robbins
Jynae Hollywood, ’25, is a new student at WHHS. She is on the dance team.

For Jaynae Hollywood, ‘25, joining the dance team has allowed her to develop many new friends of all different grades. When asked what her favorite part about WHHS is so far Hollywood said, “Probably the dance team.” The WHHS dance team has helped Hollywood develop friendships and take part in one of many extracurriculars at WHHS. 

Hollywood is largely involved in her academic studies, and when asked what her favorite memory from life is, she answered, “Probably when I was eight and I got first place on this one test.” Hollywood continues to strive for excellence at WHHS, and excels in her studies.

Although Hollywood is not actively taking part in any clubs, she is excited for all that WHHS has to offer and she is planning on joining mock trial next year.

These are just small looks into the lives of two of the many students that WHHS is home to.