Piper Peanut: on friendships

Photo courtesy of: Hannah Wardlow

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Hello WHHS,

It’s me, Piper, back to talk to you about something that you may have experienced or heard about in your lives. Drama. I am going to be real with you guys, drama stinks. It is stupid and no one should be involved in it. Whether it is about you and a friend, a crush, or anyone you may have beef with, the best way to solve drama is to talk it out and get as few people involved in it as necessary. 

I know that sometimes if you, or another person, are mad at each other you don’t want to tell them directly how you feel because you either don’t want to apologize, or you are afraid of what they may think. Of course, as Piper, I guess I have to give you real and helpful advice. 

In my life, when two people are fighting, I try to be there for my friend, but at the same time, know little information about the topic. If you don’t know stuff you may be out of the loop but at least you are not involved in the drama. 

When you get older, you will learn that drama is not worth all the problems it creates and you could seriously damage important and loving friendships. And now that I am so wise, I can tell you something even better that people may not know but can help you avoid drama all together. Don’t have friendships with dramatic people. I know that know in the present you may think that they are great friends to have, but if there is drama every week among your inner circle, their friendship is not worth all the stress and heartache. 

Of course, I am perfect and never have to deal with drama, so I would not know… Oh wait, yes I do. No matter what you may think, everyone experiences drama and that is okay. As a person, it is up to you to draw the line of when it is too much. Period.

Anyway, as always, love,

Piper Peanut