Piper Peanut: on homework

Hey Peanuts!

It’s me, Piper, here to give you some advice on homework.

The older you get, the more responsibility you are given and the more your teachers’ expectations and homework load will grow. As the school year continues, more and more will be expected of you. You’ll find you get out what you put into your classes. If you choose to put effort into your school work and take homework seriously, your grades will reflect that, and it’s the same for if you choose to blow off homework and studying.

It’s possible that you will have a few late nights, especially since WHHS is a college preparatory school, but you’ll find it’s worth it when you have many different options for college after high school. Homework may seem pointless or irrelevant to some, but it’s how you review what you have learned in class and how you take what you have learned and practice it to better strengthen your skills in that subject.

Some people like to sit down and get it all done right away, but for those of you who have trouble focusing for that long, it’s okay to take a short break in between your different homework assignments to give your brain and body time to relax. This is also a good way to avoid over-stressing yourself.

That’s all for now! Remember, if you ever have anything you want to ask me, feel free to submit your questions to room 2306.

Piper Peanut