Effie Alert

Despite WHHS’ idea of a seventh grader with their big backpacks, crowding the hallways and running from class to class, the truth is Effie’s such as Mari Dagenbach, ‘25 and Jamarion Watts, ‘25, have a lot to offer our school.

Mari Dagenbach, ‘25

Mari Dagenbach, ‘25, is a new seventh grader at WHHS and a previous student of Kilgour Elementary. Dagenbach is very passionate about horses. “I’ve always been inspired on how interesting horses are,” Dagenbach said.

Dagenbach is also a student who enjoys challenges. “I like math because it’s harder than other subjects which I enjoy,” Dagenbach said. Dagenbach is a risk taker who loves a good challenge. She has some goals for her future. “I just want to have a job that helps as many people as possible and I can practice that right now by volunteering,” Dagenbach said. Her main goal in life is not to help herself but to help others.


Jamarion Watts, ‘25

Jamarion Watts, ‘25, is a new student who previously went to Hyde Park Elementary. Watts is very passionate about football and hopes to have a future in it. “I have been playing football since I was six and I love the sport,” Watts said.

Watts does not play for WHHS, but it doesn’t stop his enjoyment of the sport. “EQ Elliot inspires me because he’s an amazing running back and I learn a lot from him,” Watts said about his role model. Watts hopes to play football in college and from there play professionally in the NFL. With his determination, Watts has great expectations for his future.