Wally Hill: on college applications

Wassup. I am Wally Hill.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an anonymous SENIOR among you. Sitting, watching, and taking in everything that I see in this environment of WHHS. Since I am a SENIOR, I am preparing for my exit at a school that I’ve been at for at least my high school career. The next step for many of us and the reason why we are here is to go to college.

After revising my essays, researching colleges, and finding letters of recommendations, I say to myself as I sit in the corner in the dark “is it worth it?” Truly, that’s a question that I have to ask myself after sacrificing my social life for my future. I want to say that after I turn in the applications I’ll be at peace. But I won’t. I cannot be as I would have to worry about my final semester and financial aid and my graduation package, many things that I want to tuck away in a treasure chest and throw into the ocean, but I cannot.

Facing these things mean I am becoming an adult. The easiest solution I can say is not to go to college. But I cannot waste these last couple years of my life, sacrificing my mental health to boost my GPA through the charts (it’s not through the charts but it’s above average).

For some seniors, it’s an easier process as they’re applying to one or two schools.

That’s not a bad thing but for some others, they’re applying to over ten.

I want to say that after I turn in the applications I’ll be at peace. But I won’t.

— Wally Hill

College is mandatory for me but to others, college is not necessary. I consider those people, who don’t go to college, smarter than I. They know that they will not waste their money on pointless things like student loans and most have a plan after college that will sustain their lives.

Apprentice programs and careers with high school diplomas are needed in this country. Not everyone needs a college degree but we need those who don’t to help the rest of us out. Plumbers, electricians, even McDonald’s workers are needed. I do wish that I was as smart as those people who don’t want to go to college or don’t find the need to. But here I am, applying to college, locked in a cage in the corner of GP’s basement.