Effie Alert

Despite WHHS’ idea of a seventh grader with their big backpacks, crowding the hallways and running from class to class, the truth is Effie’s such as Ethan Donovan, ‘25, and Audrey Symon, ‘25, have a lot to offer our school.

Ethan Donovan, ‘25

Kaylee Robbins

Ethan Donovan, ‘25, is an example of one of our new seventh graders that enjoys getting involved in the WHHS community. In his first year, Donovan has already joined school programs and plans to play multiple WHHS sports.

Donovan is a member of the Eagle Buddies mentoring program at WHHS. He plays baseball and basketball outside of WHHS, but will be trying out for both when their seasons roll around. Donovan previously attended Covedale Elementary before coming to WHHS.

Audrey Symon, ‘25

Kaylee Robbins

Audrey Symon, ‘25, previously went to Sands Montessori. Symon is involved in WHHS by being a member of the Rotary Club. Outside of WHHS Symon also dances.

In her free time, Symon enjoys art and going outside. She especially likes riding her bike. Symon also enjoys watching Jurassic Park Movies and reading any Kate DiCamilo novels.