Fashion Forward

Kynnedi Priestley, '22, combines clothes and confidence to complete her style


Chyna Smith

Kynnedi Priestley, ‘22, has built a collection of pieces from retailers such as Fashion Nova, Shein and Rue 21.

How would you describe your style?
Kynnedi: “I would say I stand out and I’m unique with my style. You don’t see a lot of people wearing some of the things that I wear. Some things that may be cute to me, people may not like it but I will still wear it.”

Would you say your style changes every year?
Kyneddi:“Yes, I try to change my style every year just because I feel like I’m growing as a person so I want my style to grow with me. If you look at what I wore the first day of seventh grade, it’s a complete mess as opposed to what I wore the first day of sophomore year.”

Was style always important to you?
Kynnedi: “I’ve always had issues with confidence and weight, and so I used to always care about what people said about me until about the end of eighth grade.”