Effie Alert

Despite WHHS’ idea of a seventh grader with their big backpacks, crowding the hallways and running from class to class, the truth is Effie’s such as Scarlett Frank, ‘25, and Calvin Farmouh, ‘25, have a lot to offer our school.

Scarlett Frank, ‘25

Isabella Zinchini

In her free time, Frank enjoys theatrics, tennis and golf. When she’s not being active, she likes to hang out with friends or try to catch up on sleep. 

After becoming a Kilgour Elementary School alumnus, class of 2019, Frank is looking forward to her first year at WHHS and can’t wait for all of the theatrical productions. 


Calvin Farmouh, ‘25

Isabella Zinchini

Calvin Farmouh, ’25, is a new student that previously went to Creekside Elementary. Farmouh’s favorite subject is math and is highly interested in joining the WHHS math club. Farmouh also has a liking for the Chatterbox and hopes to join later on. 

Farmouh’s hobbies include watching TV, playing video games, and playing sports. Farmouh is excited to be a new seventh grader at WHHS and becoming more involved in clubs.