Boogie-ing down at the Boogie Bash

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Heaven Onley

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On Oct. 19, seventh and eighth graders gathered in the junior high gym to celebrate Halloween at the Boogie Bash.
Students were very excited to enjoy each other’s company at their first dance at their new school. Ayanna Simpson, ‘23, said, “The dance was really fun and all of the costumes looked awesome.”

“The dance was really fun and all of the costumes looked awesome.””

— Ayanna Simpson, ‘23

The night was filled with fun, including dancing on the dance floor, eating great spooky snacks and a contest for who had the most creative costumes. Administrators and chaperones also had a blast at the dance watching the kids have fun and enjoy a break from the school life. There was such a great variety of costumes from seemingly every movie or TV show. The DJ played music throughout the night that made the students almost never leave the dance floor. The Boogie Bash was a great way to end first quarter for the junior high.