Don’t be distracted: tips for online learning


Courtesy of pxhere

Compared to in-person learning, many students feel that remote learning is more distracting. However, there are several things that can help you stay focused.

This past year has brought many challenges to the classroom, especially when it’s now in our own homes. It’s easier to get distracted when we are online, especially with 90 minute periods.

Electronics like cell phones can distract students if they tend to get lots of notifications, or if they like to check their social media often. Most people like to keep their phones on them during school, and because teachers can’t see students at all times, they tend to use their phones during class.

Katelyn Cotton, ‘23, said she was distracted by “All the electronics available with no adult supervision to make sure I stay focused. I can just turn off my camera and do pretty much anything.”

Sometimes, it may be a good idea for students to put their phone in a separate room. It may be hard to go through part of your day without your phone, but it will help you stay focused in the long run.

Another distraction at home could be family members, especially if they are loud. Family can sometimes talk to students or ask them questions while they are in class. These conversations can become very distracting, especially if it happens often or if students are trying to focus.

My siblings forget I’m in class and try to talk to me or ask me for help with their homework,” Reese Doty, ‘24, said.

It’s always a good idea to remind family members when appropriate times are to ask questions or talk. If family is loud all the time, students could either move to a quieter room, or use headphones to block out the noise. Using headphones could also help avoid zoning out during the 90 minute blocks.

Organizing workloads is another way students can be more focused throughout the day. You can do this by using planners or an app on your phone to put your work into sections. Breaking work up into smaller parts can help you stay productive while giving you a healthy amount of break time. 

There are many ways students can be distracted during online school and there are many ways to minimize distractions. These are just a few ways to help the online learning situation.