Construction Updates


Hajra Munir

Fences have been removed around the tennis courts to make way for the heavy machinery needed for the installation of the “bubble.” This new indoor space will provide the school with options for testing and lunch. Crews are working to prepare the area for installing of the enclosure that will create indoor tennis courts on campus.

What’s happening?

A “Bubble” that will surround the tennis courts, making an indoor facility. This facility will have heating and cooling, water fountains, restrooms, and electricity.

Where is it?

The “bubble” is being built where the current tennis courts are, just next to Marx Stadium.

Why is it being built?

WHHS has a known crowding issue, especially during lunch. This “bubble” will be used as an alternative indoor seating option for students during their lunch. Testing can also be held in the new facility.

When will it be done?

The project should be completed by the beginning of next school year.

What’s next?

Further renovations will begin over the summer as WHHS plans to renovate the cafeteria for more seating as well as the start of a new building with up to 30 new classrooms.