Exams 101

How to prepare


Iman Divanovic

Exams are tricky so here’s a checklist to help you get through them.

Iman Divanovic, Peanuts Writer

One thing many of the students at WHHS do not look forward to is exams. While they may help us in the long run, most students would prefer it if we didn’t have them, two of those students being Simone Frecker and Elena Brown. These two students were asked what their thoughts were on the end of semester exams and if they thought they were ready.

Effie Simone Frecker said that she thinks the exams shouldn’t take up too much of the grade.“I don’t really like them but I kinda get why we have to take them,” Frecker said.

When asked what she knows about the exams, Frecker said that she knows the exams are big and make up a decent amount of your grade.

“I know you have to take an exam for all of your classes and they make up a lot of your grade, I don’t know exactly how much it is, it might be a third,” Frecker said.

Frecker thinks that the one purpose the exams serve is it goes over everything and is a good refresher on what you did. 

“I think they have them so you know how well you did and how much you were learning,” Frecker said.

Frecker believes she will be ready when exam time comes and she plans on preparing for the exam by knowing exactly what she needs to study.

“I try and stay organized and break up my studying time and try and figure out as much as I can [about] what the exams are going to be like for each of my classes,” Frecker said.

E-flat Elena Brown was also asked what she thinks about exams and what advice, tips or tricks she has for the new students that have never taken exams at WHHS before. 

“I like [the] days off that we have, during study hall and lunch we have a day off and that’s nice. It gives me some more time to study for my next exam,” Brown said.

Brown said she doesn’t like exams and would definitely prefer it if we didn’t have them this year.

“I don’t like them because I feel like it’s a lot of time that is used, that we don’t need to have time dedicated to. We have an entire week of these exams. [Also] people’s grades can get really affected, [exams can] make or change your grade,” Brown said.

Brown thinks her exams this year will definitely be harder than her exams last year, but she thinks she will be ready.

“I always do pretty well on [the] tests.” Brown said, “My exams last year were pretty easy. I have some more challenging subjects this year. So I’ll just have to study.”

Brown says she starts studying the minute the study guide comes out.

“I don’t want to procrastinate. And I’ll do a little bit every day, maybe like 20 minutes of study[ing] for an exam, every day. It depends on the class,” Brown said. 

Brown said when taking exams it is helpful to have good time management skills and get ahead of studying.

“Don’t hold it off until the last minute because first of all it is stressful. And then second of all, cramming is bad, it just ends up making it worse for you,” Brown said. “Use up your three hour block, you don’t need to rush through it all. Take your time on each question.”