A week in review: Homecoming activities


Dominic Allie

In the homecoming game against Loveland, WHHS lost 18 to 51.

Elena Brown

For the past week, Homecoming festivities have been in full swing. On Friday, Sep. 16, a multitude of events took place after school. From the Club Parade to the Homecoming football game against Anderson, students enjoyed getting to spend time with their friends and kick back after a stressful week. 

Tiernan Hicks, ‘27, was one of many students that attended and enjoyed the Homecoming football game. “You get to just go around with your friends and we don’t always win, but when we score it’s great,” said Hicks.

Heather Strom, ‘24, agrees, saying, “My favorite parts are the halftime show, the marching band and hanging out with friends.”

While WHHS did not pull away a victory in the football game, they had multiple touchdowns with a final score of 18 to 51. Many students enjoyed the game, even though the team lost. 

“It’s exciting. There’s a lot going on and everyone is having fun,” Karisma Lewis, ‘25, said.

Lewis is also a cheerleader for the JV team, which she says is a lot of fun and filled with excitement. 

“It’s fun being a cheerleader on the sidelines because the Nuthouse is there hyping everyone up,” Lewis said.

Many students also marched in the club parade, which showed off the 92 clubs that WHHS has to offer.

“It was fun to hang out with friends and walk through the neighborhood,” Nola Stowe, ‘24, who walked with the Poetry Slam Team said.

Another Homecoming event was Spirit Week. Throughout the week, many students dressed up following daily prompts. Some examples include Minion day, Celebrity day and Spirit day. 

Loveland’s football team fights to defend the field as Walnut rushes the ball. (Lillian Clark)

“This week was very hectic. Everything was really cool and fun though,” Milo Althoff, ‘27, said.

With the week of Homecoming activities over, Hicks says that the week was a mixture of lots of fun and lots of craziness. 

“I would describe this week as chaos,” Hicks said. “It was a good type of chaos though.”