Piper Peanut on staying organized


Nick Robertson

Use your locker to stay organized during the day, and make sure that you don’t carry around too much stuff.

Piper Peanut, Peanuts Advice Columnist

Dear Piper,
“I’m having trouble staying organized and focused with all the work the teachers give me. Any tips?” – Disorganized Dan

As the new school year starts, incoming seventh and eighth graders are introduced to lockers. It does require some getting used to, being that you have to plan out when you need to go there and get your supplies and work for your classes during the day. It seems like a hassle to use, so instead some may tend to just keep everything in their backpacks.

Well let me tell you now, don’t do that. It does not help at all, and if anything, it will make you feel even more disorganized when you keep everything you work with in your Jansport or North Face bag. Just imagine working in an office without a desk and having to keep all of your files and information in one suitcase. It just won’t work out! So please, utilize those lockers and your life will be easier. I guarantee it. Plus, you don’t want to be labeled with having an “Effie backpack.” It’s definitely a part of WHHS culture, but the back pains from it would be unsatisfactory.
A planner will be your best friend through your high school career. If you write down everything you need to do for homework, there is less of a chance of you forgetting to do your assignments.
Being at WHHS, I’ve learned that when you are more organized, it leads you to becoming a better student. Notice how I didn’t say “a perfect student.” At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes. You might forget to do your homework for a class or you might receive a pop quiz over something you may not have studied for. Don’t let it bring you down because you always have the next assignment to make up for that mistake. It will not be the end of the world. Just know that if you follow the advice that was given, you will be great.

Yours truly,
Piper Peanut