The 2026 class intently focused on their dodgeball players and cheering them on against the Effies. (Faith Wallace)
The 2026 class intently focused on their dodgeball players and cheering them on against the Effies.

Faith Wallace

The roaring spirit of JH

November 15, 2021

Junior high students are making up for their missed year by holding their own events and adding a great deal to the atmosphere of school spirit surrounding WHHS.

The 8th grade Student Council (STUCO) is in charge of holding monthly junior high events such as the dodgeball game and Boogie Bash. They held the first two events in hope to get 7th and 8th graders to socialize with each other and create excitement for events to come.

“People are more involved this year because not many people got to do anything last year so people are more enthusiastic,” Tvisha Mirashi ‘26, 8th grade STUCO member said. “We’re trying to do interactive events where everyone can have fun and get to know each other.”

The 8th grade STUCO did a fantastic job in planning the first two events because students were really able to enjoy themselves and the company around them.

“The atmosphere was really fun, everyone was pretty hyped up because everyone in 8th grade didn’t get to go to any events last year, so this was like the first time we went to any walnut events,” Leule Mesfin, ‘26, said.

The best part about a good spirit-filled atmosphere at sports games is that students don’t even have to be involved to enjoy it. The vibes, gasps and screams of the fans, the quick and tactful moves of the players can prove a spectacle for anyone incorporated.

“I sucked at dodgeball but it was still pretty fun watching people get hit and stuff,” Claire Lefever, ‘26 said. I wanted to go to them because they seemed fun and I didn’t want to miss out.”

Even students who didn’t go to the JH events showed their spirit by attending other sporting events such as football or basketball.

“I’ve been to all of the home football games and would for sure look forward to the football games next year,” Avy Albrecht ‘26, said.

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