Become a leader

Three opportunities to gain experience in your interests

Even though junior high students have a lot of time before they have to consider potential careers, there are many career opportunities for those who are ready to start looking ahead. Effie and E-flats can take advantage of career opportunities and in the future find work easily or deal with simpler applications for college. 

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Cincinnati Recreation Commission – Youth to Work

Are you an E-flat people regard as a leader? Then being a leader at Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s Y2WK program is a good fit for you. Help work with and run many of CRC’s programs across the city, such as lifeguarding, business internships and media production. The job pays 11 dollars an hour across all of the various branches. Apply by March 15. 


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Cincinnati Fire Department – Summer Cadet

Is your career goal becoming a firefighter? If so, then the Summer Cadet program at Hamilton County is right for you. Learn firefighting techniques and patrol the neighborhood, earning up to 22,900 dollars over the course of the program. While this position is open only for E-flats, Effies can bear it in mind for next year. 





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Microsoft – Digigirlz

Microsoft Digigirlz is an online program that allows Effies and E-flat girls to learn more about code. Explore a career in technology and get hands-on experience with Microsoft employees through an upcoming free virtual event on April 15.