Effie Alert: creating opportunities at WHHS


Courtesy of Alexis Vernon

Alexis Vernon, ‘26, in her new home. New to WHHS, Vernon recently experienced a move which changed her outlook on life.

As the move started, Alexis Vernon, ‘26, felt as though she had left her whole world behind. She had just reconnected with her best friend from third grade and not long after, she was told that her family was going to start moving.

She was sad and shocked when she first heard the news. Mount Orab was a place she had grown accustomed to. It was the place where her family, friends, and teachers lived. It was the spot where her grandpa’s house was with large woods that she enjoyed playing in. 

Despite all these wonderful memories  Mount Orab wasn’t the perfect place growing up. There were gunshots and loud cars at midnight. Vernon and her family would move for a better life, allowing her to get the best education possible at WHHS.

She uses her moving experience to help her younger brother understand that things aren’t always perfect. “My little brother is the kind of person who plays video games 24/7 so he thinks that if you lose, you can go back again. Conner, we have moved and we’re not going back,” she said.

Vernon is learning to adjust to her new classes and the more challenging work-ethic of WHHS. When she is tackling her most difficult subject she goes back to a life lesson she hopes she’ll never forget. “Learn to cope with new places and things even if it means leaving others behind.”