Chloe Smith
Q: Who is the number one supporter in your life?
“I’d have to say my biggest supporter, would honestly be myself. You have to know how to pick yourself up when you fall down. You can’t rely on other people all the time. Learning to use yourself as a support system and learning what you can do for yourself.”
-Gabriel Grimadli, ‘22
Chloe Smith
Q: What do you think about the sexual education policy in Ohio?
“I think that it’s awful. I think teaching teens about abstinence only just further encourages them to go out there and break the law. Cause that’s a common theme among teenagers and younger kids like telling them ‘no’ only makes them want to do it more.”
-SENIOR Alma Russell
Chloe Smith
Q: Who is your favorite person in the world and why?
“My mom because she’s done so much for me. I would say my dad, but I can only do one. My mom because well she birthed me and she’s helped me a lot through a lot of things, so she’s my favorite person.”
-Phoenix Lewis, ‘25